Hil’aw World!

hilaw (a Tagalog word)
hil´aw adj. raw (food), green, uncooked, undercooked, sometimes it also means unripe but in my context am referring to raw/uncooked food.

I, Nanay’sdaughter (ND for short) is a 37 year old daughter of Nanay and a single mom to a beautiful 6 year old daughter.  I intend to go full raw (or hilaw in Tagalog) by Lenten Season 2013. I have been transitioning to a raw vegan/mostly fruitarian diet since August 2012 and have been enjoying the benefits of this improvement in diet and lifestyle. I intend to bring it a step further by overcoming cravings for cooked food. How? via Orange Juice Feasting MH Way.


You can find the MH Way here (got to email MH first), so he can give you the passwords to Book 1 and the MH Way folder:




Who am I doing this for?

Of course, I am doing this for me. I have to restore my health (no, I do not have any serious diseases – at least not yet).

But most of all I am doing this for my daughter- I would like to give her a headstart by setting an example.

And most importantly, I am doing this for my mother (battling breast cancer), my mother’s cousin (battling colon cancer), a few of our relatives in the Philippines, US and Australia (currently battling all sorts of degenerative diseases) and to many women who is suffering from depression.

This is my personal Christmas gift to them and a tribute to my mother’s tenacity and will power to live not for herself but for all her love ones.

Last but not the least, I am doing this to glorify the true Healer and creator of Health.


Who inspired me to finally take this seriously?
Curezone forumers – MH, Mira, Pioneer and PC
Anne Ousbourne– through her blog:

Other people who documented their OJ fast: