Prep Days

The golden rule:

open the channels of elimination

before you start pushing the waste out!

Don’t fast without the guidance of someone who knows what they are doing.

I have been eating mostly fruits and veggies since 21st August and I have done a parasite cleanse last July and also a liver flush just recently. So, I am quiet confident that am ready for this and that I would still be able to work full time and maintain a “normal” life, in fact I have more clarity of mind now, and able to focus on tasks at hand, and most of all more energy to chase my daughter around the park (or just simply tickling her and giggling/pillow fighting with her until she falls asleep).

On most days (since August)
– I eat almost 2000 calories daily from fruits mostly
– e.g. my office mates now find it normal seeing me chughing a pint of juice from 9:30 am to about 1pm…and eating 5-8 bananas around 2pm…then around 4pm I eat another 2-3 bananas.. around 6pm I eat my Ban Mian (ok not exactly a completely healthy food—> but is certainly healthier than oily fried foods.

Weight and Scales
Some of you are probably wondering, how much weight I’ve lost and that question always comes up.. but I am not doing this for weight loss.. I am doing this to restore my health and make a statement about healing and restoring our God given privelege to be healthy.
– so here goes, I’ve lost about 6kg since I’ve started in this lifestyle in August and it has plateuaed since then but I continue to get leaner and feel a lot better than I was for so many years now.

I have gone past the point of measuring my success by weights and scales. I now measure my success by the improvement in the quality of my relationships with my peers, my family, my bosses and of course my God.

Measure of Success
Have I been a better office worker? Have I been more sociable? more focused? Do I have more clarity of mind? Do I have more “quality” energetic time to spend with my daughter? Do I sleep more peacefully now? Have I taken steps to bring me closer to where God wanted me to be as a woman, as a person, as friend, daughter, and mother?

On the physical aspects— I measure my success by the quality of my POO and PEE? Yeah you read it right! If I can pee every hour, and poo at least once a day (ideally 3x a day), that’s an achievement already. I dont get so hang up with how I look anymore, but yeah I still enjoy it when my office mates tell me, “you look leaner now”. and when my mother says, “your face looks clearer now, it does’nt seem you are carrying the whole world on your shoulders anymore.”

🙂 gheez did I really looked like I was carrying the whole wworld on my shoulders before? Was I was that prideful? I probably was!

So, if you want to chat with me about oranges and bananas and probably anything under the sun, you can find me sitting at one of the benches at Hong Lim Park on weekdays, at about 6pm (that’s when I would be sitting there to either pray or hum a praise, during this 14 day fast). Did you know that the best time to pray for your love ones is at 6pm? You know why? its the cramming hour. People cram to cook or travel back home or probably try to beat a deadline. That’s when people are in their most vulnerable. That’s the time to best pray for them. Its like sitting in the middle of the eye of the storm. Everything is in chaos, but you sit right there in the middle, keeping the peace.

Why Fast Now? It’s almost Christmas time
Why not? Why not now?
1st off- I am not exactly starving myself. I am feasting on juice and fruits. The nutrients in fruits/juice are easily absorbed and assimilated (used by our body for energy). I will have more energy as my body will not be too busy using my energy to digest food.

2nd reason- Its not exactly “festive” everywhere during Christmas time, a lot of people are either depressed, sick or plainly tired during this season. A lot of people who have degenerative diseases actually know that fasting (or at least avoiding foods that are bad for them), is good for them and will heal them, but they feel more isolated (being sick is already isolating enough, you dont wanna be sick and also fasting during the festive seasons right?)

No, am not sick or anywhere near death. Fat maybe, but not sick..however, I am not exactly a HEALTHY person. so, I am fasting now to be a healthier person by Christmas and before New Year 2013.

3rd- I am busy. I do not want to think too much about what to eat, when and where. I am keeping it simple. 8 oranges a day. Lots of water. Herbs, sleep, sunshine, fresh air. That’s all I need to accomplish all the festive activities with the same amount of time (we all have 24 hours a day – it will never change).

So, please dont tempt me with food. If you are genuinely concerned about me, spare some of your time and let’s chat away from food (probably in a park).. 😉 you can bring some bananas!


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