Day 1: Salt Flush is Optional but…

Today is my Day 1 OJ Fasting

Salt Flush Day 1

I drank the epsom salt water and chased it with pure orange juice. had my first BM a few minutes after that. Feel so light and chirpy. ūüôā My mother is very supportive — she juiced 8 oranges for me and strained it in a 900 ml jar.. for me to bring to work (its ideal to juice 1 orange every hour– but I dont have that luxury in the office)…

The 8 oranges produced about 800 ml of juice, I just topped it up with 100 ml of distilled water to fill the jar to the rim.. I also have 800ml worth of distilled water in my water bottle.

MH quotable quotes

Question: Does any one have advice on diabetes, and oj fast? For instance would it be better to go raw food with just veg as they dont seem to raise blood sugars.

Answer: BOOK I author claimed it was the cure for the most severe case of diabetes. The key with the 14 day orange juice fast is the first 3 days of salt flush and only use strained fresh juice…….My opinion based on what a few old books suggested is that the diabetic is dying from the lack of natural sugar in their diet and those that seek less sugar end up grey/old/thin/die. We humans thrive upon the 220+ known plant sugars, just not that white stuff commercial sources make.

Victoria Boutenko¬†also mentioned in her books that her son Sergie¬†who suffered from Childhood Diabetes healed from an all raw diet (based on mostly fruits in the beginning) and that Sergei craved for mangos and bananas during the early stage. You know why? Our pancreas need the natural sugars from mangos and bananas. What really makes us fat, obese and diabetic are the white, unnatural sugar from all the processed food we eat.. its not¬†the FRUIT..!! Did Adam and Eve die of diabetes from eating all the fruits in the garden of even??? Think about it! Fruit does not make you FAT! Bananas don’t make you fat! Mangos, oranges, watermelon don’t make you ILL!! Its those other things you eat that makes you sick.

Freelea and durianrider are one of the most well known Fruitarians today, they are lean, healthy and athletic, they drink 2 liters of OJ and eat up to 30 bananas a day (or at least 30 bananas worth of fruit calories a fay).


I noticed the Epsom Salt warning at the bottom of Dr. Clark’s Liver Flush page which definitely got me concerned. According to the warning, people have died from overdosing on Epsom Salts! What’s your take on this issue? I’ve done Liver flushes before using the salts without problem, but this raises some concerns.

MH’s response:

In america, epsoms¬†salts have been consumed for well over 100 years and used in animal feeds and used on gardens, fruit trees, etc……i have never ever heard of any human ever dieing¬†from 1912 give or take a few years, it was considered the greatest medical discovery in world medical history used in ever hospital in the world…………..used today for the pregnant woman that¬†wants to pre-deliver her baby…i for one never liked doing the clark¬†flush, but i got very good at it and educated many locals to do it, etc….and when i learned a better way, with our epsoms¬†salts, etc….i did that and will never do a flush i see no need to do the clark¬†flush or use of epsoms¬†salts flush. but the author of book i had you use a tablespoon each morning for 3 days as part of the orange juice fast….i suggest the new person do this and once fasted, the next years the epsoms salts can be skipped.
and those that want to do it their way, can skip the salts even on the first try, it will work regardless.

My thoughts:

I have done 2 liver flushes this year using Epsom salt (plus olive oil and grapefruit juice) and expelled almost 400 gallstones in total. I intended to do a few more next year, until I expel a total of 2000 gallstones or until no more stones are coming out. I guess this is possible if I eat a clean diet (so I don’t form no new stones anymore after I have expelled the existing ones).

I also think Epsom salts are not natural, but with a compromised health we need the Epsom salts to relax our internal muscles so that the stones can be flushed.

For the Book 1 OJ fast, the Epsom salts is used presumably to clear the colon so as not to suffer from ‚Äúhunger pangs‚ÄĚ during the fast (specially during the first 3 days). So, I intend to use Epsom salts but not for extended period of time as it is dehydrating and its not completely natural.

So, yeah Salt Flush is optional in the OJ Fast, but since am working, I need a little help from epsom salts.

So, how did the 1st day end?

It did’nt end as chirpy as it started, as an 8pm appointment did’nt go as planned and I was made to wait for 1.5 hours in the rain!!! I also ate half an avocado at about 6pm (I think I didnt break the Book 1 OJ Fast rule by eating the avocado).


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