Day 3: Fasting and Praying for those who are difficult to deal with

Last night, I ate 3 bananas… and was able to sleep early (about 10pm). It was restful sleep. Day 3 is the same as Day 1 and 2.. 8 oranges juiced by Nanay and epsom salt water in the morning.  Woke up at about 6:30am and moved my bowels effortlessly.

Ate another half of an avocado at dinner time (cant resist it as my mother put it lovingly just in front of me). Hmmm, MH said no harm done except that it slows the detox. I can live with that I guess.

Daily Devotion

Psalm 35:13

13 But as for me, when they were sick,
My clothing was sackcloth;
I humbled myself with fasting;
And my prayer would return to my own heart

Today I woke up at about 6:30am .. and by woke up, I mean woke up alert and ready to start the day.

Prior to the change of lifestyle (mostly fruits and veggies), it was so hard for me to wake up in the morning, regardless of how much sleep I have had.


Anyway, I reached for Nanay’s new Bible (a gift from our friend), and was lead to read through Psalms 35:13. Apparently King David fasted not only for himself but for other people too.


Through observation and personal experience, I know that people who are sick are usually hard to deal with. They are stubborn and is always in contrary to good advice. However, King David exhibited sympathy even to those who were stubborn and difficult to him (Saul at that time). He wished no worse to them than to himself and prayed for good things for them as he would have done so for himself.


At the time when a colleague was so stubbornly difficult to me, I went home almost to tears and buried my face to my pillow and tried my best to pray for her, so God will bless her and so that the next morning she would not be so difficult to me. A few months after, she was blessed indeed and was promoted to become a replacement of her own boss.. Duh! You say! Yes, at first I told God, “dear Lord, I know I prayed that you bless her, but I did’nt pray that you promote her ”, oh yeah I was envious. Anyway, she indeed became a better person (at least to me) and we since had a better working relationship since then. Of course, I did not tell her that I prayed for her. Why should I? 😛 (you can tell I am still not affectionate towards this person, not to any certain extent. However, I have learned how to deal with my own resentment in a way that would allow me to be still a professional worker, inspite of everything. later on the resentment turned into “detached” compassion. Meaning I became compassionate about her chemical imbalances, but I remained “detached” so as to protect myself… I have too many things to be busy with.. I will leave her case to God).

In Book 1 (barefoot Herbalist’s website), the author mentioned or proposed that before we even put so-called “criminals” to the judgement seat, we should first try to detox them and once we are sure that their “criminal” tendencies are not due to chemical imbalances, then and only then should we judge him/her from a moral or criminal standpoint. Anyway, what I am trying to say here is, most people who are difficult to deal with or those people who are depressed are suffering from chemical imbalances. Or you could also say that those who are sick (have chemical imbalances) would be difficult to deal with and/or depressed. And the fact that they are difficult to deal with, how can you ask them to detox? Chain them to a post, and then feed them with juice intravenously? If a criminal is indeed mentally sick due to chemical imbalances, should we then treat the sick and criminals in the same way?

So, when one says he/she is praying for the sick most likely, this person is praying for a sick love one (and the part that this love one is difficult to deal with will be played down, as we tend to tolerate even to the point of acceptance all the stubbornness of a sick love one). However, in David’s context, it seems he is praying for someone who is really stubborn and made life difficult for him. For some reason, David still found a reason to pray for this person, as he would have done so for himself. In my case, I prayed that my colleague (who makes life difficult for me), so that she will be blessed. In the end I also benefited, God blessed her with a promotion and God blessed me with a better colleague.


Hmmm, makes sense huh?! So back to fasting and the reason why I am doing this. My mother (nanay) have been praying for 2 of her cousins who are seriously sick, but would not listen to any of the advice she gave. I told her it will take someone dear to them (a daughter/son or sister), to plead to them. A sick person will not have the clarity or the ability to discern right from almost right. If she is really concerned about her cousins, I told her she have to plead their cause to God. To intercede for them in prayer, as she would have done for herself or for one of her children/grandchildren.


I also remember that Gandhi fasted for his people in India and that through fasting he was able to make a statement peacefully without making loud arguments to people he already know are difficult to deal with (so what’s the point of trying to make a conversation, right?). So, when faced with the reality of having to deal with a sick love one (and not knowing the right thing to say without having an argument or being uncomfortable), or dealling with a difficult colleague, FAST and PRAY! Cause more often than not, that is the only WAY!



From Treasury of David:

Spurgeon interpreted verse 13 as such

Verse 13. But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth. David had been a man of sympathy; he had mourned when Saul was in ill health, putting on the weeds of sorrow for him as though he were a near and dear friend. His heart went into mourning for his sick master. Humbled my soul with fasting. He prayed for his enemy, and made the sick man’s case his own, pleading and confessing as if his own personal sin had brought on the evil. This showed a noble spirit in David, and greatly aggravated the baseness of those who now so cruelly persecuted him. And my prayer would return to my own heart. Prayer is never lost: if it bless not those for whom intercession is made, it shall bless the intercessors. Clouds do not always descend in showers upon the same spot from which the vapours ascended, but they come down somewhere; and even so do supplications in some place or other yield their showers of mercy. If our dove find no rest for the sole of her foot among our enemies, it shall fly into our bosoms/heart and bring an olive branch of peace in its mouth. How sharp is the contrast all through this Psalm between the righteous and his enemies! We must be earnest to keep the line of demarcation broad and clear.

 Verse 13. My prayer returned into, or was directed to, my bosom. Of the many interpretations that are given of this passage, that appears to me the most probable which derives it from the posture of the worshipper; who standing with his head inclined downward toward his bosom, turned away his attention from all external objects, and uttered his mournful and earnest requests, as if they were directed to his own bosom.

 Verse 13. (last clause). We may read it thus: Let my prayer return into my bosom; that is, I wished no worse to them than to myself: let me receive of God such good as I prayed for them. See Ps 79:12


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