Day 4: Going Strong (No Boring Musings, just plain update)

Carried the following to office today (as usual):

  • Juice (of 8 oranges and 1 apple) in a 900ml jar
  • 600ml water bottle filled with distilled water
  • LBB capsules

Nanay kept asking me if I did’nt feel dizzy or weak. I told her honestly that I actually feel great, I have more clarity of mind and is more focused on the tasks at hand. The only thing that is a bit uncomfortable is that constant craving for cooked food (specially when I smell it). However, so far so good, I have not eaten any cooked food (yet). And I hope not to eat cooked food as long as I can.


– is great, restful, peaceful . dreams more vivid


– very very good.. played with my daughter this morning as soon as she woke up


– dark and cloudy (as expected). Accordign to Book 1 it will really be dark and cloudy in the beginning of the fast but will turn clearer later on. However, Book 1 does not use Herbs. I use herbs, so I am probably ok with the dark/cloudy urine, knowing that all of the toxins are beign flushed down the toilet


– effortless and a bit smelly


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