Day 5: Getting too much attention from office mates now


Getting too much attention from my office mates now…a lot of different comments and questions

(fruit have lots of sugar, it will make you diabetic, are you happy? do you get dizzy/weak? do you fast regularly? I just answer them as simply as I can or just smile.

ate 3 bananas again last night (cant help it as I was badly craving for cooked food.. better bananas than cooked food I guess)

– juice (of 8 oranges and 1 apple)
– 8 LBB capsules

– clowdy and dark in the morning. Progressively goes clearer later in the day. This means my kidneys are working well and is expelling toxins as it should. If urine is clear during the fast it means the kidneys are too clogged and is just expelling water. ( think of your coffee filter, when its filled with too much coffee grits, no more coffee will pour into the pot, instead the coffee will spill over the filter. However if u remove the grits frm the filter and keep pouring water into it if course the pot will get clearer and clearer.

– dry and flaky (it seems I am shedding old skin like a snake)…this is expected during the fast

– not that much today… its almost 3pm now.. perhaps I will have more later in the day.

– still quite good despite the challenges at work (suppliers not meeting their deliverables as per contractual agreement)


If you are based in Singapore and would like to be entertained and also have a sampling of Filipino humuor… watch The Romance of Magno Rubio at DBS Arts Theatre either tonight at 8pm or tomorrow night at 8pm. Bring your girlfriend/boyfriend, your friends, office mates, even your boss. I watched the play last night while eating bananas and ironically, the humuor was around ‘cucumbers’ and other vegetables.

watched this play last night while eating 3 bananas



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