10 reasons to go Raw


1. Superior health
2. Mental Ability and Mental Health
3. Optimal weight and beauty
4. Emotional balance and happinesd
5. Spiritual growth
6. Economy
7. Pleasure
8. Ecology
9. Free Time
10. Longevity

Most of all, this is God’s original design for us . Adam and Eve did not cook their food in the garden of Eden.

Just make one step everyday to eat as much raw food in your diet as you can. Wherever you are, poor or rich it is possible..! Eat Fruits! It’s good for you! Nobody ever had an overdose on fruits or sugar, carbs or potassium from fruits. Fruit can easily satisfy you, so its imbossible to be overdosed. Fruits are assimilated and expelled within 2.5 hours so its impossible to be overdosed on fruits.
Oranges are acidic fruits but as soon as it comes in contact with saliva it becomes alkaline, so oranges can never damage ur teeth or bones ( unledd u drink those fake orange juice frm the grocer store). A lot of people fasted on as much as 30 oranges a day and they have strong teeth and bones. Whoever tells you otherwise is grossly misinformed by the media and by family tradition.

If you stop changing your paradigms, thats the death of learning.

If you are in the Philippines, dalanghita Will be readily available., there is no excuse for taking responsibility for your own health.

The number 1 rule to eating healthy is eat food in its freshest , unprocessed form. Try it for at least 3 days ( just eat salads and fruits and drink nothing but dalanghita or orange juice.. Take small steps no matter how small just keep moving. Stop making excuses and commit to your intention to be healthy.


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