Day 6 : Burns and Blisters

Morning drink
– a pint if room temperature distilled water
– apple juice with moringa juice
– 1st orange juice

– 10 mins rebounding
– play with daughter Plus light housework
– poo is effortless after the rebounding
– tried to do a hip bath but I scalded myself with boiling water
– rest of the day was spent nursing my blisters or lying down, reading books , drinking OJ

– avocado smoothie
– added a dose of max restore into the smoothie ( to prevent burn infection)

Rest of the day
– just pure OJ

– took 8 capsules ( 1 capsule per hour)

MH lecture abt burns:

Lessons learned:
1. Prepare for emergwncies specially burns
– there are lots of misconceptions in treating burns
E.g put oil or butter ( it can further burn ur skin)
Ointments ( are toxic)
2. Run the burnt area under running water for 10 minutes ( it skin is still warm) do it again for another 10 minutes
3. Always have an aloe vera plant near you ( we have one at home so I asked N to help me scrape the gel from the leaves it gave immediate relief
4. Wheat grass freshly juiced can be used as antiseptic wash
5. Dont put ICe it will further burn you
6. Dont pop the blister or dont remove it. It serves to protect the raw skin
7. Put aloe gel into a bandage and cover tha area ( change the bandage twice a day)
8. Take max restore every hour ( to prevent infection)


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