Break the Fast the Carly way


– cant stop watching Carly Rose sing “Feelin Good”
– if we can relate fasting to singing.. fasting should feel, look and sound this good!!!

Have you noticed how she controls her voice? She goes up a notch, another notch, and then slowly lets go (without us even noticing it). Thats why even with her strong voice, its pleasant to the ear and we never get tired of her.

We can relate that to fasting. After hitting the high notes (means just drinking juice), we have to control the breaking of our fast, so we take smoothies first, then a bit of a fruit at a time.. and then perhaps (if you still plan to eat cooked food), mashed up cooked food first (consistency of baby food), before eating more solid food.

If we dont do that we will be like Beatrice Miller, just before her exit from XFactor her voice is already hemoragghing. It will also happen to your digestive system if you fast, and didnt control the breaking of your fast.

Dont get me wrong I loved watching Beatrice as much as I loved watching Carly, but it was painful to watch the way she was deteriorating.

Thats why after my 14 day fast on Monday, I give myself another 4 days to break my fast slowly before Christmas time.

The Stages of Fasting here:,1787,2836&q=759


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