Day 10: Weigh In

– woke up at 4 am with stomach grumbling very very loudly
(no its not hunger pangs, its the stomach trying to get rid of gas and old fecal matter)
– drank 2 pints of distilled water
– moved bowels effortlessly
– this is my 3rd day of not eating any solid food at all, so those surely are old fecal matter ( thanks to the lbb i can move my bowels without fiber or an enema)
– finish my first half of the OJ before 12 nn
– feeling a bit dizzy and nauseous ( which is expected at this stage of the fast, as its a sign of temporary acidosis, where my fat is now being used for fuel, so when the fat dissolves, it releases the acid and toxins into the bloodstream) if i break the fast my remaining fat stores will just reabsorb the acids and toxins. So i will sail through this until i get to the next stage ( healing and regeneration)
– at about 3 pm, soaked my feet in warm water with epsom salt, within 10 minutes, dizziness and nausea gone
– i still feel weak though ( still part of the ketosis/autolysis/acidodis stage)
– am sure this will pass, will sleep early tonight.
– weighed myself to find out if am not losing weight too much ( i lost 4 lbs ) which is ok because when I lose fat, am also releasing toxins to my blood, if i lose fat too fast, toxins will be released too fast and will overwhelm the elimimation organs.

The body will decide when to lose those fat deposits. Right now its saying, “am on a healing mode, dont dump those toxins yet, dump it when am ready to deal with it.

One thing ive noticed is that my eyes are very very clear during this fast… See?!



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