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Since it is so difficult to know the details that constitute a good cleanse, I thought it would be essential to put things together to show what the step-by-step process would look like.  Here is some information.  MH, the Master Herbalist, on his Ask Barefoot Herbalist forum agrees that doing three liver-flushes before attempting an extended OJ fast is an excellent idea.

The problem:

With the increase of heart-attacks, auto-immune disease, and neurological problems becoming more prevalent in our times it is important to know their root cause as well as the antidotes. 

On the subject of heart conditions, if you ever had Cardiac Catheterization you would most likely have some cause for alarm to have such an invasive procedure done to you.  A simple symptom such as acid reflux would cause you to take an over-the-counter medication.  Usually this works and you are fine and go about your life. 

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