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There are so many misunderstandings when combating candida.  Hundreds of products are available that work to some extent but no one ever really tells you what gives you lasting results.  Here is some information I put together to set the record straight and make it easier for you to get back to health.  From the Ask Barefoot Herbalist Forum archived posts:


MH, what do you suggest for candida? just wondering b/c many people suggest to avoid all sugars (fruit included), thanks.


The cleanses and total dental correction are the first choices.  Candida problems is nothing more than too much waste food for bacteria to live upon.  Diet controls it and the friendly bacteria keeps everything in check, so all the metals need off and out of the body.  Every product you apply to your body that is not natural most likely is a toxin and adds to the…

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  1. I liked how you re-blogged these articles so quickly. I believe this can definitely HELP more and more people that are suffering find the TRUTH to real and authentic health.

    By the way, Is it possible to extend this with a few more sentences or another paragraph to get others more interested in the topic or is this all that WordPress can do?

    Either way, I like what you have done here.

    all the best,

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