Dharma Talks

For most people, being on a spiritual path brings with it the principles of vegetarian living.  I too wanted to uphold the precepts of not eating meat to obtain all the benefits that spirituality had to offer.  While it is certainly much easier to enter meditative states by abstaining from eating meat, it is not so easy to obtain perfect physical health through this alone.

When you move from a poor diet to a healthy diet, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically experience the effects of complete rejuvenation.  Only when you know the exact laws of hygiene does this become possible.  Therefore, you need to gather the right information and then make the choices that work for you.

“The greatest of all diet reforms is the change from meat-eating to a meatless diet. This is also the first step on the spiritual path, the first gesture that rightness, justice, compassion, purity are being set up…

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