Day 11 OJ fast (day 4 true OJ Fast)

Actually this is Day 4 of the true OJ fast (nothing but pure OJ as food) as during day 1 to 6, I either ate half an avocado or 3 bananas at night.

– woke up at 1am due to loud grimbling on my stomach
– moved BM
– fell asleep again and woke up at about 6 am
– went out with my daughter to see the sun rise ( wishing we are on the beach)

– felt a lot better than 2 days ago
– lost 4 lbs as expected ( on a true OJ fast one should lose at least a pound of weight each day.. So am on track)
– my last BM was 1am in the morning, need to add more LBB according to MH
– the tip of my tongue to about half an inch now have turned pink the rest still white coated ( still on elimination mode)
– toolk 8 LBB and 4 PWe
– lost a pound of weight

Total weight loss : 4 pounds ( on track)

valuable advice by MH and Neo


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