Day 12 ( day 5 true) OJ fast

– woke up at 4 am ( it seems this is becoming a nice new habit)
– drank a pint of distilled water
– moved bowels effortlessly ( imagine that amount of junk in my colon? 4 days without fiber and still have junk coming out)
– no dizziness, no nausea, feel more energetic than the last 2 days ( ive passed the first 3 challenging days yey!)
– no loud grumbling of the stomach
– tongue : pink at the tip white coated for the rest ( still elimination mode)
– praying for God’s will for my life and my family, not only for sick relatives now but also for my SIL and my brother (for the renewal of their employment passes and dependent passes for their children) and our native country Philippines (all the victims of the floods may receive comfort in this time of need), to our home country (Singapore), that its people become more joyful and happy in any circumstance and for countries fighting for any form of injustice (e.g. India – gendercide), and for my American friends to return to their first love (God)
– this morning God lead me to meditate on Psalm 82
– this is a good read on why we should be fasting
– took 2 LBB capsules

– took 2 LBB capsules
– followed Neo’s advice to drink wheatgrass juice if craving chocolate
– Nanay (my mother) juiced the oranges with the wheatgrass for me (delicious)
– feeling good..
– kept peeing and made another bowel movement (black and larger than the first one… this is really old stuff coming out from the colon, I have’nt eaten any solid food for the last 5 days.
– took 2 LBB capsules again

– took 2 LBB again
– drank more water as my lips are quiet dry now, and am feeling thirsty
– went to bed at about 8 pm


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