Day 13 (day 6 true Oj fast)

– woke up at 5 am
– no more stomach grumbling
– feel more energetic today
– noticed that it seems i have more white heads than normal
– my face and chin is very itchy
– drank a pint of distilled water, then my OJ and Lbb capsule

Weight; 163 lbs or 75 kg, my BMI is now 23, which is within the normal weight now again , not in a hurry to lose weight, my goal is to lose 4 kg a month, so if i could maintain this weight till mid jan, even if i break the fast that wud be great. Am going to adf exercise to this regimen.
– splashed my face with warm water
– scrubbed with orange pulp with a bit of cranberry juice
– made a scrub out of a tbsp of baking soda and olive oil until it became a paste
– scrubbed my face with it
– rinsed with cold water
– after 20 mins i showered and shampooed my hair with baking soda water
– after that i rinsed it with water
– then rinsed my face and hair with a gallon of water with half a cup of water
– itchiness gone!!!! Yeye

– drank OJ and a cup of liver/ gallblader tea

Late afternoon
– drank a cup of chocolate drink

– attented piano/ keyboard class with my daughter ( very hard to walk but I made it)
– attented our Saturday night Bible study group
– the smell of cooked meat was really really inviting and salivating
– drank 3 cups of soup because cant resisit our Bible study host, I had to join them at the dining table, told them I was fasting, but they insisted at least on the soup
– my energy level is still good, and felt genuinely full just drinking the soup
– felt dizzy and nauseaous but didnt tell them ( i knew it was the soup)
-12 mn moved black smelly bowels
– another bm at about 2 am


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