Day 14 (day 7 true OJ fast)

– woke up at 8:30 am
– took 2 LBB capsules
– wasnt able to bring juice to church
– but didnt find it hard to resist the snacks being served there

– took 2 LBB capsules
– my first 2 glasses of OJ for the day
– my burns/blisters is now dry and itchy, gotta resist scratching it

– back of my legs just below the knee is aching
– gums also feels tight, with a slow dull ache
– in general i do not feel any hunger or weakness even if this is my 7th day without solid food
– tomorrow am going to break the fast slowly (juice of 8 oranges and 2-3 slices watermelon for dinner)

My Curezone entry:


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