Day 15-19 (day 8 – 11 true OJ Fast)


Day 15 (day 8 true OJ fast)

– tried to do a few yoga pose.. discovered I am more pliant … and feels a lot lighter (I am going to add some stretching and walking this week)
– brought my OJ to office as well as my LBB, PWE, this time I added Hormone Balance capsules and Women’s Wellness Powder
– busy day in the office but I was very focused and my mood was very consistent all through out the day despite all the stress of meeting end of year deadlines
– my burn/blisters are really completely healed. no more itching
– slept early and slept really really well throughout the night
– my office mates have been noticing my face, arms and shoulders (they say I looked leaner on my upper body now)…
– actually I am also leaner on my lower body as all of my skirts and pants are lose now, but perhaps they are still noticing the slight bulge in my stomach, as well as my heavy looking legs…
– MH is right, it seems my lower body have too much accumulated wastes/toxins, so it remains heavy and also aching (although much less achy now)

– early to bed, early to rise the next morning

Day 16 -or day 9 true OJ fast)
– woke up at 6am . very chirpy, light and bright (its a happy day)
– used litmus paper to test the ph of my saliva it is ph 7.0 (very good)
– my daughter’s saliva is at ph 6.0 (not good)
– my mother’s bartholin cyst is still making her struggle, she is more cooperative now and is taking all of her capsules (LBB, PWE, Hormone balance, Womens wellness) plus the L/G tea, IODINE and Max Restore. I hope she will add sitz bath, or feet soaks or castor oil packs to her routine.
– brought OJ to office as well as my herbs

– instead of going out for lunch, I went for a back massage (the therapist wasn’t so good)

– spent too much time on youtube and slept at about 1am, I think


Day 17 –or (day 10 true OJ fast)

          encouraged by Curezone forumers to continue with my fast, so here I am now day 10 of true OJ fast! Yehey!

          see their posts here:

          and here:

          specially tired today and I think it was because I slept late the night before (lesson learned: early to bed, early to rise makes a healthier body)

          my lower back is achy, the back of my legs (just below the knee is still achy)

          tried to just sleep on it and ended up sleeping late again

          Lesson learned: don’t be lazy, prepare a leg/foot soak when your legs are achy

          Still getting lots of positive comments from office mates {“your face looks sharper now”, “your pants seemed to be lose now”}

          The best compliment though is from my daughter Z , “uhh, wow! Mommy! You look sexy!!) teehee…

          A bit moody today though, which is probably because my menses are due anytime now (hope its not delayed again)


Day 18 (day 11 true OJ fast)

          was late to work and forgot my herbs (still have my OJ though)

          lower back and back of legs still achy

          still feeling tired (again its because I slept late last night)

          Nanay (my mother) is still struggling with her bartholin cyst, she says the Max Restore seems to be not helping her and asking me to buy her coffee for her coffee enema ( I know! I know! It not about the Max Restore! There are other factors that needs improvement)

          Checked my daughter’s teeth and gums this morning (no new cavities), massaged her gums with tooth and gum powder (with a bit of olive oil to make a paste) – she didn’t like it, but was cooperative, she let it dissolve in her mouth and downed it with juice


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