Pain is a Blessing in Disguise

Saw this video on youtube..

Ok, so I fell off the bandwagon and is currently picking from where I left off…. I started eating bad food and drinks (coffee) again this month instead of continuing with the fast… and my body decided to remind me by giving me pain… Pain that I used to have as a teenager and a young woman in my 20’s….and then perhaps started to tolerate as I went trough each stage in my life.. single parenting, mother having cancer.

So, I started eating cooked food and heavy meat and coffee again and started feeling my pain again:

– right upper abdomen (liver/gallbladder)– started feeling this 3 years ago (gone after a 5 day fast in 2009)

– my lower and upper back (scoliosis related pain)– started feeling this as a teenager, then forgot about it as I was busy (then started feeling them again in my 20’s … tolerated it until I forgot about it again

– feeling the pain again the last few weeks, after eating concentrated fatty /heavy proteins (after a 21 day fast)

I think my body learned how to recognise good food and bad food again (unlike before, even if  eat bad food, I do not feel anything—> which is the beginning of auto-immune diseases— leading to cancer).

So, I thank my body for giving me pain, as it reminds me that I am eating bad food again and must pick up from where I fell..

Started to do a liver flush yesterday, continuing today… took the day off today (as I cannot do this during the weekend as my daughter keeps wanting to play with me all day, now she is in school, so I can have our room all by myself).

To relieve the pain, I do the following

– alternating hot shower/cold shower daily

– sitz bath daily (30 minutes hot water soak, 10 minutes running tap water on my bum)

– stretching


One thought on “Pain is a Blessing in Disguise

  1. no more back pain and stomach pain, the liver flush also induced my menstruation (which was delayed for 2 months).. am going to do another liver flush this weekend…and then do a 40 day orange juice fast (OJ during daytime, 1 meal at 6pm)

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