Starting Again – this time with exercise

This will be my Third Fast– and this time I hope to do it with exercise (I have gained back 10 kilograms- since my last fast, by the way, which is fine== toxins usually hide in fats— I would rather lose fat slowly– so toxins will be released slower –giving my body enough time to release the toxins and I wont feel so graumpy.

Pre-Cleanse (7 Days before the fast)
– The purpose of the pre-cleanse is to avoid severe healing reactions. When you fast, you usually release toxins too fast into the bloodstream (have’nt you noticed some people who do all the right things actually have cancer? they are lean..they exercise.. eat all the right things–but fail to see how our kidneys/liver work– we cannot overwhelm our organs– we have to lose the fats and the toxins that hide in it in a strategic way). By taking LBB, you pull all these toxins into the colon- and then down and out your body. The dewormer as the name suggests is to clean parasites/worms that feed in your gut. You have to eliminate them as far as you can manage.. as they are also the reason why we are deficient in vitamins and minerals. The LBB is also supposed to help us eliminate dead parasites/worms. YUCK! I know.. but better out than in. A few lessons learned from my previous fasts is to be disciplined in breaking the fast as much as I was disciplined in preparing for it.

The Pre-Cleanse (also called Bowel and Parasite Cleanse) involves taking the following each day for 7 days
– 8 Lower Bowel Balance capsules per day
– 1 dropper full of P/W Elimination Part B (Adult Dewormer)

On the 7th or 8th day- do the Liver Flush (following Hulda Clark Method– including the epsom salt, grapefruit/orange juice and olive oil recipe)– but leaving out the other products recommended by Hulda Clarke.

The Plan

The Dare

Why am I doing this?







And if ever I get bored tempted to eat bad foods– will watch these documentaries

And as always start the day with prayer and meditation



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