Fasting is like breaking up with a bad boyfriend – Day 4 again?

Hey thats how I feel about this whole thing… when I broke up with my ex 8 years ago… During our last 2 years together, I broke up with him but made up with him again (he was very manipulative)– the transition took 2 years.. and on my last call to break up with him.. I gave myself a 40 day deadline..I honestly still did like him but the relationship was so bad that I decided to get out of it… very smiliar to liking bad food….

If I dont answer his calls for 40 days– it means I am really done with it! And I will never come back.. I vowed to myself that after 40 days he will never have an effect on me anymore and that I could see him eye to eye and say.. hey we are done! thank you!

But the 40 days actually became about 90 days— why? because everytime I answer his calls I reset my diary–say for example on Day 6- I answered his call… then I say to myself am back to Day 0… so the next day was Day 1 again…

well thats the case with my THird OJ Fast—I made it until Day 5 — Day 6 & 7— I ate something…. so what culd have been day 8 & 9 — is back to day 1 & 2… and I hope I can finish this by end of October.. without reseting the clock again…

and am sure once am done with the 40 day OJ fast– its really ‘hey we are done!– bad foods!!”

So today I am on Day 4 – as far as my exercise plan is concerned.. I managed to sneak in 15 minutes of light exercise daily (enough for beads of perspiration to come out)… Last night I did oil cleansing for my face, neck, arms (and pits) and legs…while watching TV (I normally eat while watching TV)….my mother boiled 2 sweet potatoes for me– just in case I cannot ignore the hunger pangs- at least I eat something healthy.. (my friends used to ask me to date after my breakup– years ago… I also said no— no “rebounds” this time)….

So as far as food is concerned… no ” rebounds” this time as well.. I am going to take annual leave if I have to.. I want to give my body a chance to rest…if that is what it needs… I only have 4 days annual leave left until the end of the year.. I might need to take unpaid leave too — I do not mind… sick leave is worse (even if its paid).

Today, I am going to my daughter’s school to watch her Children’s Day performance…no- I do not feel weak at all… I just miss having my tummy warm and full with food.. but nah! I do not miss the pain and the suffering when I am eating bad food…

A readers response:
I love the comparison – getting away from bad food is like getting away from a destructive relationship.

During my last fast, I came to the conclusion that when the “bad” foods etc. are leaving our bodies, we crave exactly the thing that’s leaving (because it’s been released into our bloodstream to go to the eliminatory organs).


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