God’s purpose for giving us fruits and herbs for sustenance and healing

is not about glorifying raw foodists or fruitarians or vegetarians… not even the process or protocol we are following… while God’s creation is to be marveled at His creation SHOULD NOT be worshiped…

God’s purpose for giving us fruits for sustenance and herbs for healing is so that we would know that He is the Messiah, to show the He had authorithy on the earth, , its about the why, its about the amplification of His message above His signs (John 6:26) and above His creation..

quote MH:



Is it no wonder why raw foodies become suddenly spiritual? Is it probably because they are eating by Gods design, by what was available at the garden of eden… Even if they are physically healthy already they still yearn for a spiritual connection with something or someone above themselves…. I just hope that they find God instead of worshipping raw food or nature. Cause God is above it all… Some of them even make raw eating something like the ten commandments, it becomes a law which makes it even harder to follow, and i hope that for us who finds it hard to follow, we see God’s grace, cause He knew that we will fail if our only motivAtion is to be obedient to the law, missing the point that God asked us to eat by His design because He loves us, He knows it is good for us and if we just give Him a chance to prove it to us, we will enjoy eating this way and by then it will no longer be a burden or a chore…and we will never ever have to second guess our decision (is it a fad? was I misled by a fad?– will this make me fat? )– those questions will no longer be on your head.. cause you know this is what God intended for us to do and to eat… we have moved so far away from His design that we almost feel abnormal doing what we are supposed to do from the beginning– which is eat fruits for sustenance and herbs (which includes some of the plants we call veggies)… for healing.

Junk food is addictive, that is what many (even Christians) fail to see, if you are addicted to food, you are no different from a drug addict, you probably have no intention to hurt others but you unknowingly hurt or punish yourself and then indirectly hurting others…

Quote from:

The salt, fat and crunch of junk food, offer emotions of fulfillment that is lacking because of a spiritual vacuum. Tangible potato chips, replacing an intangible God. Emotional emptiness is the source of addiction. Dependency on pleasure to temporarily numb feelings of hopelessness.

Fasting is admonished as a way to see how we stand with God, it helps us to see our own weaknesses ( specially food) and also helps us to see our unknown sins that helds us prisoner within our own self denial and the fear of being exposed if we acknowlege our own sins. We actually dont have to expose ourselves, we can confess to God and ask for His forgiveness and if we think that our faith is not enough, pray that God will increase our faith…


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