Day 7: Orange Juice tastes so good but..

It tastes so good and I believe I wont get tired of drinking it… It gives me a slight boost of energy but not the same kind of boost one gets from chocolate or coffee, its sustainable and sunny kind of energy.. No crashing and no sugar highs and lows… But but but I miss the sensation of food in my mouth and the fullness after solid food…But I must remind myself that am doing this for health and also spiritual reasons not just vanity… I actually need some vanity in my system now as I have been neglecting myself in that department somehow… In my early to late 20s, i used to go for personal treatments on a weekly basis, it could be a hair treatment, a massage or a body scrub… For the last few years,I was always feeling guilty whenever I do something for myself.. Only to realize a decade later that God is not mad at me and that I have to love myself too…

This pic was taken at our neighborhood park yesterday (Day 6), babies and kids got attracted to my big jar of OJ, and z kept asking me if she can drink too.. I willingly obliged… So what ? It means that we take care of ourselves, kids get attracted to us like bees … The experience was similar to when you eat ice cream with gusto and all the kids around you wanted the same thing… I was probably chugging my OJ with much enthusiasm in my face… For that reason, I feel Good about feeling good and I know God do too,,,

quote Ron Lagerguist:

… It will not be the great accuser, the one who has worked on trying to destroy my self-image for as long as I can remember…It will (be) the same person who allowed little kids to crawl all over him when his disciples tried to whisk them away. He will be the one who gently said “Mary,” who proclaimed, I will never leave you or forsake you. Who blasted religious leaders for heaping laws on the backs of the people without lifting a finger to help. He will be the one who touched the leper, filthy street people, grubby outcasts, and allowed a prostitute to wipe his feet with her tears. On a personal level, I will know him as a sheep knows his shepherd. He will have ugly crucifixion scares all over his body, even visible on his forehead, because he loved me so much to die so I don’t have to. But most importantly to me, the one sitting in front of me will be same one who said to a 18 year old, drug addicted kid, that no one wanted anything to do with, including my own father, “I want you to be my son,” with a passion and love that literally knocked me to the floor. Anyone else in the chair would suck, but I’m cool standing in front of Him and giving an account cus He gets me and I respect and trust Him.

Today though wasnt as bright and sunny like yesterday.. I woke up with lots of energy took kidney tea and my first OJ and then sage tea… also decided to do oil cleansing on my face and my whole body and used the leftover herbs as herbal water bath (used a small towel to rub my whole body with the herbal water– no SOAP and it feels wonderfully clean and refreshing and smooth too)….then did a hip bath.. after the hip bath I had a headache and also the pain on my back which I used to have in college due to scoliosis is back on full force.. its probably because I am not eating body numbing cooked food (and I remember doing the Tifanny Rother workout for 30 minutes straight– I shouldnt have been too ambitious by using my energy that way while fasting). My chiro told me that our body tend to learn how to adapt even to pain. Specially when we eat cooked food.. the cooked food acts to numb as of pain so we do not feel pain ….where we should feel the pain. What sent me to fasting is actually the pain on my rib cage where the liver is which I suspect is caused by gall bladder stones..or (scary) liver inflammation due to mercury toxicity… it went away during 3rd day of the fast… and never came back and now this pain on my back… it seems my body is telling me to feel the pain so I do something about it rather than numb myself with food..

I had my 2nd bowel movement after a good back rub.. and felt a lot better…


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