Third OJ Fast: Day 8 – 9

The last 3 days (Day 7-9) was not one of my best days…perhaps the 7 day cycle is true…
– pain on my back and right rib cage which can either be due to my scoliosis, gall bladder stones, liver stones or liver inflammation due to leftover mercury
– so I addressed it by getting chiropractic adjustments today (I will get adjusted again on the 19th)
– am also gearing up for another liver flush this weekend (MH actually recommended 5 liver flushes spaced a week apart– I think I may not be able to do that.. I will perhaps do 4 flushes, 2 weeks apart)
– the extended OJ fast should help with the liver inflammation…

After the chiro adjustment, I ordered freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.. delicious! Then bought a bottle of lou han guo tea for my tonsilitis…

For some reason I am secretly wishing for a fever to heal the tonsilitis.. as I always feel my tonsils are always swollen, it just doesnt become a full blown tonsilitis. My Chiro told me that the adjustments should clear the tonsilitis too… but he said my neck is too tensed to be adjusted today.. so he did my back first.. and will do the neck next week.


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