Day 10-12 feeling progressively unwell

No more razor blade like pains on my liver area after the chiro adjustmentbut I know my neck needs to be adjusted too as it wasnt properly adjusted last wednesday. I have runny nose, cough and splitting headache, i seem feverish but its not breaking into a full blown fever ( i actually wish it woud so I could heal)…the liver area still feels warm to the touch and achy but not the sharp kind of pain.

Mh suggested that I eat this morning and do a liver flush tonight.. I am so looking forward to it.

I drank my first glass of OJ, wormwood tea which relaxed me and alSo trigered my menstruation…then I ate watermelon.. For some reason am
Not so looking forward into eating yet, but I have to.. I just wish I have extra money for a massage or another chiro adjustment and also buy lots of fruits that I like. Oh well, payday is still 7 days from now


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