Day 13: woohoo! Storm is over

The calm after the storm thats exactly how I describe how I feel today. You know how it is when you walk outside after heavy rain? The air seems cleaner and the water drenched vegetation seems greener and healthier too? Thats exactly how I feel now…

Immediately after i drank my first dose of epsom salts the body ache is midnight I broke into a sweat and I know this is it! i am about to have a break through..I feel ill about the taste of epsom salts and the grapefruit/olive oil potion (who wouldnt) … But I pushed through… I still felt very weak in the morning but gained my strength by eating a few fruits at a time every 2 hours… Now am fully functional
Again! Wheew!

By the way I expelled about 600 stones today.. I will do another flush 2 weeks from now.


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