Day 19: Clearer skin with fasting, oil cleansing and lymph drainage massage for the face


Aside from OJ fasting, I also do oil cleansing for my face with castor oil and olive oil. Notice that the pores on my cheeks and my laugh line is less noticeable now. Overall my skin also looks clearer. Last Sunday I also tried lymph drainage massage as part of my oil cleansing.

I did the oil cleansing every other day at night before bed. I dont use soap on my face. Every other day ( the day after oil cleanse), I scrub my face gently with the orange pulp, then put a tiny bit of olive oil as moisturiser before I go to work. I enjoy the smoothness and softness of my facial skin throughout the day.

excerpt from :

There are however two things you should not do.

1. Don’t use cheap olive oil, it doesn’t work. Only buy extra virgin olive oil from Spain. It’s the purest olive oil, with no blends of different oils and no additives, so there’s nothing in it to irritate your skin. It’s slightly higher priced than olive oil from Italy or Greece, but well worth the extra dollar.

2. Some people make the mistake of cleaning their face with olive oil and then washing it off with soap. If you do that, you have just defeated the object of the exercise and, likely, your skin will remain acne-ridden and poor.

Olive oil not only cleanses, it moisturizes and protects. The antioxidants in it improve your skin, help to fade old acne scars, and the oil balances your skin perfectly so, eventually, what was once ‘oily skin’ will be normal like almost everyone else’s. Using soap destroys that balance and destroys all the positive effects of the olive oil. Don’t use it. Your skin does not need it.

I added a bit of castor oil though, as castor oil helps to pull dead skin cells and also toxins.

a few words from MH:
.it would be very “EASY” to blend a potent plant oil formula specifically for the treatment of acne and be ‘fun” for anyone…..but they should never ignore the colon and all of the elimination organs and get the worms and waste out…..because the skin never lies…it shows an internal problem if the skin is not perfect…..people who have perfect skin are all beautiful….always….nature never lies. While bad skin is never attractive and in nature, it is all about attractiveness….survival of the fittest….the desirable people make the next generation, while the outcast fade away…that is NATURE.


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