2014 Fasting (March 5 to April 19, 2014) – Who wants to join?

2013 has been a steep learning journey for me health wise and work wise. Its like battling your own demons. I already know what is good for me, but bad habits DIE HARD. So for this upcoming new year, armed with a lot more knowledge about my body — I will be trying to overcome my mental barricades and perhaps even try to have a healthier brain, better memory and better handle on my emotions.

There is also another reason why I should fast–

  1. avoiding the extravagance in consumption and conserving our global energy sources at an individual level (we can only make an impact by becoming the change we wanted to be and leading by example)
  2. discernment on which issues and discussions to be involved with … We believe that as Christians we have to be involved in conversations about climate change and environmental causes of cancer,without directly linking it to our theology, we need to be involved in conversations about climate change to pray for fair decisions of policy makers and to discern for ourselves what to believe and not to believe and of course do our part or stop doing what we should NOT be doing… because of 1. The Principle of Stewardship.. we were made stewards of God’s creation not just to consume but to contribute back to it. 2. The Principle of Love, we must love our neighbors as ourselves, we must maintain social order by building and protecting families, churches, schools and governments and not intervening in God’s divine order… Fevers are part of the body’s immune system and regulating mechanism to rid of toxins.. in as much as STorms are part of the globe’s self regulating mechanism so that the atmosphere can be cleansed again for our habitation… but Cancer and man made climate change are not from God.. its a consequence of our own negligence as a human race…which have far reaching consequences..and God will allow us to self-destruct because He gave us free will to make decisions for ourselves, He gave us power (although limited) to get us out of the consequences of our own doing. And of course there is undeserve gift of grace.. but grace is only available to those who are humble enough to admit they are wrong…and that without the goodness of God this Earth is long gone.. humanity wiped off from the face of the earth so long ago.. But He gives us a chance.. we can plea for more time.. until we have Heard and throughly understand His plan for us…The question is what does your will tell you? is it better than God’s will for mankind? So for the environment and in memory of the victims of the worst typhoon in world history (Haiyan/Yolanda), in solidarity with the Fast for the Climate Movement (Twitter hashtag #FastforTheClimate)… started by Philippine Commissioner Yeb Saño.. I am fasting too to help Yeb gain more wisdom on what to fight for… and more importantly for the policymakers to listen not for political reasons but also for existential reasons, if not for spiritual reasons.
  3. The Realization that we live as Citizens of God’s Kingdom but in a foreign land. Know that through the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives (which our King has already given) we now live with the majesty, power, authority of the King in our daily lives – when temptation confronts us; when we have been victims – rejected, violated and hurt; when we sit in loneliness; when we see loved ones suffer; when we look at our dwindling bank accounts; when there is no visible hope of improved quality of life.Let us live in the certainty that God’s Kingdom is already established and that when we return home our God will welcome us proudly as citizens who have dwelt honourably in a foreign land.So live 2014 looking forward, putting a full stop to that which holds us back and clothing ourselves with armour daily so that we will be found honourable.For This Kingdom will know no end. And it’s glory shall know no bounds. For the majesty and power of this Kingdom’s King has come.And this Kingdom’s reign and this Kingdom’s rule and this Kingdom’s power and authority.

I have started easing on to this fast since 1st January 2014,  but due to the pressure at work ( I cannot be absent during this crucial period) and also the lack of LBB.. I have to push for my fast…and make it as systematic as possible so that I wont suffer any severe reactions as I have to keep working full time during the fast.

FOURTH FAST (40 DAYS) – March 05 till April 19, 2014

IF YOU WISH to JOIN Me in feasting in God’s words, Orange Juice and daily workouts, click on the image below and print the plan in color, mark your progress with a pen or sticker. Plan how you will celebrate on your last day! then share your photos here.

Print if you wish to join me
Print if you wish to join me


Individual prayer intentions for church, peers, friends and family


– opportunity to serve and learn more from more mature members of the congregation
– Sunday School teaching opportunity for children (including my daughter)
– healing and wisdom for our Pastor who is suffering from an acute form of leukemia (he is currently being tested now as preparation for conventional cancer treatment– yeah the works! chemo!—)
(I know! I know!  our Pastor and his wife’s faith is much more stronger than ours.. and yes God offers grace…at the end of the day, I truly believe that God is the ultimate healer, and if God wills that our Pastor be healed, am sure that He will guide the pastor and his wife…otherwise, perhaps this is God’s way of telling us to change our ways…to let go of certain experiences so we can embrace new experiences.. )

Friends and Family with all sort of health issues and those like me just want a better health
(may they have a prayer and fasting partner and health advocate– spiritually/mentally/physically/emotionally)

– Nanay, friends M, R and another M and also myself
– my Tita Vikki (colon cancer)


– my manager to get what he wants (be it promotion, money, power, affection from family/love ones)– give it to Him Lord in overflowing ways
– my peers– give them wisdom to not fall into the trap of crab mentality/scarcity mentality– as this impacts everyone (those who are made to leave and those that will be left behind),, may they be wise enough to relax/calm down and spend more time with family (dont fall into the trap of blaming your family for  failures at work– all of us encounter different challenges in school, work and at home– and do not assume that your challenges have more bearing than the challenges they are facing)— just leave it up to God.. our family need us, our Church adn community needs us too…and most importantly I need ME too…
– our leadership team– to strategise well and make the right decisions for the company


4 thoughts on “2014 Fasting (March 5 to April 19, 2014) – Who wants to join?

  1. Hi Nanaydaughter,

    I’ve been following Nanay Miriam’s blog for quite some time. I would like to do the PWA dewormer but I do have a few questions. Hope you can help me with it 🙂 Do I have to do a fast while I’m taking the dewormer? As my current job needs me to be out and about, fasting is a problem for me. What are the dosage and how long should I be on the dewormer?

    1. Hi rebecca, The Master Herbalist actually suggest that you do the LBB (lower bowel balance) and the dewormer for a few months before you even attempt a short term fast, specially if you are working full time like me, and based on experience, it seems its true that you really have to prepare by taking LBB and dewormer firts before even attempting to fast, unless you will stay home during ur fast.

      1. Thanks for your quick reply! 🙂

        Is it possible for me to communicate with you via email? My email is rebecca.kohATgmail.com. I tried to read up all at the curezone but think I’m lost. I’m thinking of starting on just the dewormer first as I don’t know how my body will react.

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