21 days of True OJ fasting – eating 1 meal a day starting Day 22

Epsom Salt Foot soak (not just for the magnesium but also sulfate transdermal absorption)
Well first of all, I celebrated my Day 21 by doing mini – diy spa treatments.

– epsom salt foot soak followed by an olive oil foot wrap
– my facial oil cleansing

I must admit its really hard to do the true OJ fast (nothing but OJ) while working. There is so much distraction and temptations.

So, from Day 22 started eating 1 meal at night, which MH also suggests for those who are doing the 40 day OJ fast who have a day job. So, whats the result when I started eating 1 meal a day? I started feeling that dull ache on the liver area again. Which was relieved by chiropractic adjustments and also the epsom salt foot soak.

plus Orange Juice and other juice blends

I am also doing another Liver Flush this coming Friday- Day 26 (I will start Friday afternoon)= as I do not want to miss Sunday worship service …

Thats why am doing another liver flush (this will be my second flush of a series of 5 flushes -2 weeks apart — for 2013). This is to address the ache/pain on my liver area, which I believe is due to inflammation/gall bladder stones.

Read this curezone thread to understand why I think juice fasting, 1 meal a day (to build up the bile), and then doing a series of liver flush makes sense to me:

In between my fasting and flushing, I will try to be as close to the 80/10/10 diet only with the addition of plant fats (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil or nuts) and also herbs.

I will also be adding the following juice blends in the next 21 days

Basic Blend (as the foundational part of all the other blends)

Base Juice
Fresh Coconut
Fresh Soy Bean
Fresh Almond Milk
Black Molasses
Baked Sesame
Raw Ginger

Brain Restoring Blend

Fatty Acids
Flaxseed Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil

Fiber / Other Nutrients
Green Apple
Raw Carrot
Fresh Mango

Blood Replenishment Blend

Black Grapes
Black Berries
Black Bean (raw & sprouted overnight)
Black / Red Dates (raw & sprouted overnight)
Raw Spinach

Digestive Aiding Blend

Lemon (skinned)
Lime (skinned)
Oranges (skinned) – of course ! its a staple

Green Apple
Pineapple (including the core)

I also just want to share my daughter’s notes for last Sunday’s sermon.. This is precisely the reason why, I do not believe in faith healers or faith healing per se…
The healing miracles performed during Biblical times were performed by God himself or men specifically chosen to spread God’s message of salvation. But healing itself is not the sole focus of those miracles.. it was the actual message. So, yeah I do believe in God’s saving grace (as it relates to sin) and that still God works in our midst so that we will heal.. but we can never escape the consequences of breaking the natural law.. and God allows us to suffer through those consequences but He also allows and lets us know the way out (not through miracle healing anymore though).


Day 19: Clearer skin with fasting, oil cleansing and lymph drainage massage for the face


Aside from OJ fasting, I also do oil cleansing for my face with castor oil and olive oil. Notice that the pores on my cheeks and my laugh line is less noticeable now. Overall my skin also looks clearer. Last Sunday I also tried lymph drainage massage as part of my oil cleansing.

I did the oil cleansing every other day at night before bed. I dont use soap on my face. Every other day ( the day after oil cleanse), I scrub my face gently with the orange pulp, then put a tiny bit of olive oil as moisturiser before I go to work. I enjoy the smoothness and softness of my facial skin throughout the day.

excerpt from :

There are however two things you should not do.

1. Don’t use cheap olive oil, it doesn’t work. Only buy extra virgin olive oil from Spain. It’s the purest olive oil, with no blends of different oils and no additives, so there’s nothing in it to irritate your skin. It’s slightly higher priced than olive oil from Italy or Greece, but well worth the extra dollar.

2. Some people make the mistake of cleaning their face with olive oil and then washing it off with soap. If you do that, you have just defeated the object of the exercise and, likely, your skin will remain acne-ridden and poor.

Olive oil not only cleanses, it moisturizes and protects. The antioxidants in it improve your skin, help to fade old acne scars, and the oil balances your skin perfectly so, eventually, what was once ‘oily skin’ will be normal like almost everyone else’s. Using soap destroys that balance and destroys all the positive effects of the olive oil. Don’t use it. Your skin does not need it.

I added a bit of castor oil though, as castor oil helps to pull dead skin cells and also toxins.

a few words from MH:
.it would be very “EASY” to blend a potent plant oil formula specifically for the treatment of acne and be ‘fun” for anyone…..but they should never ignore the colon and all of the elimination organs and get the worms and waste out…..because the skin never lies…it shows an internal problem if the skin is not perfect…..people who have perfect skin are all beautiful….always….nature never lies. While bad skin is never attractive and in nature, it is all about attractiveness….survival of the fittest….the desirable people make the next generation, while the outcast fade away…that is NATURE.

Day 13: woohoo! Storm is over

The calm after the storm thats exactly how I describe how I feel today. You know how it is when you walk outside after heavy rain? The air seems cleaner and the water drenched vegetation seems greener and healthier too? Thats exactly how I feel now…

Immediately after i drank my first dose of epsom salts the body ache is gone..by midnight I broke into a sweat and I know this is it! i am about to have a break through..I feel ill about the taste of epsom salts and the grapefruit/olive oil potion (who wouldnt) … But I pushed through… I still felt very weak in the morning but gained my strength by eating a few fruits at a time every 2 hours… Now am fully functional
Again! Wheew!

By the way I expelled about 600 stones today.. I will do another flush 2 weeks from now.

Day 10-12 feeling progressively unwell

No more razor blade like pains on my liver area after the chiro adjustmentbut I know my neck needs to be adjusted too as it wasnt properly adjusted last wednesday. I have runny nose, cough and splitting headache, i seem feverish but its not breaking into a full blown fever ( i actually wish it woud so I could heal)…the liver area still feels warm to the touch and achy but not the sharp kind of pain.

Mh suggested that I eat this morning and do a liver flush tonight.. I am so looking forward to it.

I drank my first glass of OJ, wormwood tea which relaxed me and alSo trigered my menstruation…then I ate watermelon.. For some reason am
Not so looking forward into eating yet, but I have to.. I just wish I have extra money for a massage or another chiro adjustment and also buy lots of fruits that I like. Oh well, payday is still 7 days from now

Day 7: Orange Juice tastes so good but..

It tastes so good and I believe I wont get tired of drinking it… It gives me a slight boost of energy but not the same kind of boost one gets from chocolate or coffee, its sustainable and sunny kind of energy.. No crashing and no sugar highs and lows… But but but I miss the sensation of food in my mouth and the fullness after solid food…But I must remind myself that am doing this for health and also spiritual reasons not just vanity… I actually need some vanity in my system now as I have been neglecting myself in that department somehow… In my early to late 20s, i used to go for personal treatments on a weekly basis, it could be a hair treatment, a massage or a body scrub… For the last few years,I was always feeling guilty whenever I do something for myself.. Only to realize a decade later that God is not mad at me and that I have to love myself too…

This pic was taken at our neighborhood park yesterday (Day 6), babies and kids got attracted to my big jar of OJ, and z kept asking me if she can drink too.. I willingly obliged… So what ? It means that we take care of ourselves, kids get attracted to us like bees … The experience was similar to when you eat ice cream with gusto and all the kids around you wanted the same thing… I was probably chugging my OJ with much enthusiasm in my face… For that reason, I feel Good about feeling good and I know God do too,,,

quote Ron Lagerguist:


… It will not be the great accuser, the one who has worked on trying to destroy my self-image for as long as I can remember…It will (be) the same person who allowed little kids to crawl all over him when his disciples tried to whisk them away. He will be the one who gently said “Mary,” who proclaimed, I will never leave you or forsake you. Who blasted religious leaders for heaping laws on the backs of the people without lifting a finger to help. He will be the one who touched the leper, filthy street people, grubby outcasts, and allowed a prostitute to wipe his feet with her tears. On a personal level, I will know him as a sheep knows his shepherd. He will have ugly crucifixion scares all over his body, even visible on his forehead, because he loved me so much to die so I don’t have to. But most importantly to me, the one sitting in front of me will be same one who said to a 18 year old, drug addicted kid, that no one wanted anything to do with, including my own father, “I want you to be my son,” with a passion and love that literally knocked me to the floor. Anyone else in the chair would suck, but I’m cool standing in front of Him and giving an account cus He gets me and I respect and trust Him.

Today though wasnt as bright and sunny like yesterday.. I woke up with lots of energy took kidney tea and my first OJ and then sage tea… also decided to do oil cleansing on my face and my whole body and used the leftover herbs as herbal water bath (used a small towel to rub my whole body with the herbal water– no SOAP and it feels wonderfully clean and refreshing and smooth too)….then did a hip bath.. after the hip bath I had a headache and also the pain on my back which I used to have in college due to scoliosis is back on full force.. its probably because I am not eating body numbing cooked food (and I remember doing the Tifanny Rother workout for 30 minutes straight– I shouldnt have been too ambitious by using my energy that way while fasting). My chiro told me that our body tend to learn how to adapt even to pain. Specially when we eat cooked food.. the cooked food acts to numb as of pain so we do not feel pain ….where we should feel the pain. What sent me to fasting is actually the pain on my rib cage where the liver is which I suspect is caused by gall bladder stones..or (scary) liver inflammation due to mercury toxicity… it went away during 3rd day of the fast… and never came back and now this pain on my back… it seems my body is telling me to feel the pain so I do something about it rather than numb myself with food..

I had my 2nd bowel movement after a good back rub.. and felt a lot better…

Fasting is like breaking up with a bad boyfriend – Day 4 again?

Hey thats how I feel about this whole thing… when I broke up with my ex 8 years ago… During our last 2 years together, I broke up with him but made up with him again (he was very manipulative)– the transition took 2 years.. and on my last call to break up with him.. I gave myself a 40 day deadline..I honestly still did like him but the relationship was so bad that I decided to get out of it… very smiliar to liking bad food….

If I dont answer his calls for 40 days– it means I am really done with it! And I will never come back.. I vowed to myself that after 40 days he will never have an effect on me anymore and that I could see him eye to eye and say.. hey we are done! thank you!

But the 40 days actually became about 90 days— why? because everytime I answer his calls I reset my diary–say for example on Day 6- I answered his call… then I say to myself am back to Day 0… so the next day was Day 1 again…

well thats the case with my THird OJ Fast—I made it until Day 5 — Day 6 & 7— I ate something…. so what culd have been day 8 & 9 — is back to day 1 & 2… and I hope I can finish this by end of October.. without reseting the clock again…

and am sure once am done with the 40 day OJ fast– its really ‘hey we are done!– bad foods!!”

So today I am on Day 4 – as far as my exercise plan is concerned.. I managed to sneak in 15 minutes of light exercise daily (enough for beads of perspiration to come out)… Last night I did oil cleansing for my face, neck, arms (and pits) and legs…while watching TV (I normally eat while watching TV)….my mother boiled 2 sweet potatoes for me– just in case I cannot ignore the hunger pangs- at least I eat something healthy.. (my friends used to ask me to date after my breakup– years ago… I also said no— no “rebounds” this time)….

So as far as food is concerned… no ” rebounds” this time as well.. I am going to take annual leave if I have to.. I want to give my body a chance to rest…if that is what it needs… I only have 4 days annual leave left until the end of the year.. I might need to take unpaid leave too — I do not mind… sick leave is worse (even if its paid).

Today, I am going to my daughter’s school to watch her Children’s Day performance…no- I do not feel weak at all… I just miss having my tummy warm and full with food.. but nah! I do not miss the pain and the suffering when I am eating bad food…

A readers response:
I love the comparison – getting away from bad food is like getting away from a destructive relationship.

During my last fast, I came to the conclusion that when the “bad” foods etc. are leaving our bodies, we crave exactly the thing that’s leaving (because it’s been released into our bloodstream to go to the eliminatory organs).