A word from MH and from his customers

From MH himself:

People do have some degree of choice, but that choice was known before they were born, so there is never a surprize or chaos in the universe.

Success comes by way of acceptanace that all is God’s Timing and those that wait, are always busy living life to the fullest education.

NEVER TRY to do anything on your own, it will fail……..wait until God directs, because what God does is always done perfect the first time. Accept what God brings into your life, because “all” is done for a reason. Don’t think “you” need better, because as long as “you” are choosing, you will choose wrong…learn to accept what God provides and not the world.

It really is that simple—–just acceptance. If you accept your earthly education your ship will finally sail in…if you fight it, you will drown in sorry and despair.

From one of MH’s customers:

You’ll find a hodge-podge of stuff in natural medicine that doesn’t hold water. It’s very mixed up, some of it is crap for the supplements, and too difficult to put the pieces together. It won’t work on a toxic body, anyway. The more toxic the body, the less any natural supplements will work because the nutrients can’t get to the cells. It’s the cells doing their designed function that says whether a body is healthy or not. Especially if the supplements aren’t food based, they will not work or are mirror images of the natural found in plant life. Like MH has said, the key to health is clean blood. In order for that to happen, you have to eliminate the “dirt” your body has collected over the years in the colon and in the liver. That would be the bugs and stones and chemical poisons ingested as well as dead cells. once that’s accomplished, the lymphatic system automatically drains and it’s bug and other debris has to be flushed out of the liver. The liver filters the blood AND the lymph. Then the blood can clean out the tissues. Blood is a tissue. If the order of cleansing isn’t followed, the junk that comes out of tissue and goes into the blood will make you sick for a while until it goes back into the tissue. You wont’ be able to et rid of it IF the channels of elimination aren’t opened up and working right.
Natural iodine. Ryan Drum, PhD has some good information or do MH’s plant iodine.

My thoughts in just a few words:
Lugol’s Iodine and even Vitamin C are chemically made in a laboratory! Its toxic!.. What we need are natural Iodine and vitamin C from plant sources.

Let thy food be thy medicine! God made plants and trees for our sustenance and healing.