2014 Fasting (March 5 to April 19, 2014) – Who wants to join?

2013 has been a steep learning journey for me health wise and work wise. Its like battling your own demons. I already know what is good for me, but bad habits DIE HARD. So for this upcoming new year, armed with a lot more knowledge about my body — I will be trying to overcome my mental barricades and perhaps even try to have a healthier brain, better memory and better handle on my emotions.

There is also another reason why I should fast–

  1. avoiding the extravagance in consumption and conserving our global energy sources at an individual level (we can only make an impact by becoming the change we wanted to be and leading by example)
  2. discernment on which issues and discussions to be involved with … We believe that as Christians we have to be involved in conversations about climate change and environmental causes of cancer,without directly linking it to our theology, we need to be involved in conversations about climate change to pray for fair decisions of policy makers and to discern for ourselves what to believe and not to believe and of course do our part or stop doing what we should NOT be doing… because of 1. The Principle of Stewardship.. we were made stewards of God’s creation not just to consume but to contribute back to it. 2. The Principle of Love, we must love our neighbors as ourselves, we must maintain social order by building and protecting families, churches, schools and governments and not intervening in God’s divine order… Fevers are part of the body’s immune system and regulating mechanism to rid of toxins.. in as much as STorms are part of the globe’s self regulating mechanism so that the atmosphere can be cleansed again for our habitation… but Cancer and man made climate change are not from God.. its a consequence of our own negligence as a human race…which have far reaching consequences..and God will allow us to self-destruct because He gave us free will to make decisions for ourselves, He gave us power (although limited) to get us out of the consequences of our own doing. And of course there is undeserve gift of grace.. but grace is only available to those who are humble enough to admit they are wrong…and that without the goodness of God this Earth is long gone.. humanity wiped off from the face of the earth so long ago.. But He gives us a chance.. we can plea for more time.. until we have Heard and throughly understand His plan for us…The question is what does your will tell you? is it better than God’s will for mankind? So for the environment and in memory of the victims of the worst typhoon in world history (Haiyan/Yolanda), in solidarity with the Fast for the Climate Movement (Twitter hashtag #FastforTheClimate)… started by Philippine Commissioner Yeb Saño.. I am fasting too to help Yeb gain more wisdom on what to fight for… and more importantly for the policymakers to listen not for political reasons but also for existential reasons, if not for spiritual reasons.
  3. The Realization that we live as Citizens of God’s Kingdom but in a foreign land. Know that through the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives (which our King has already given) we now live with the majesty, power, authority of the King in our daily lives – when temptation confronts us; when we have been victims – rejected, violated and hurt; when we sit in loneliness; when we see loved ones suffer; when we look at our dwindling bank accounts; when there is no visible hope of improved quality of life.Let us live in the certainty that God’s Kingdom is already established and that when we return home our God will welcome us proudly as citizens who have dwelt honourably in a foreign land.So live 2014 looking forward, putting a full stop to that which holds us back and clothing ourselves with armour daily so that we will be found honourable.For This Kingdom will know no end. And it’s glory shall know no bounds. For the majesty and power of this Kingdom’s King has come.And this Kingdom’s reign and this Kingdom’s rule and this Kingdom’s power and authority.

I have started easing on to this fast since 1st January 2014,  but due to the pressure at work ( I cannot be absent during this crucial period) and also the lack of LBB.. I have to push for my fast…and make it as systematic as possible so that I wont suffer any severe reactions as I have to keep working full time during the fast.

FOURTH FAST (40 DAYS) – March 05 till April 19, 2014

IF YOU WISH to JOIN Me in feasting in God’s words, Orange Juice and daily workouts, click on the image below and print the plan in color, mark your progress with a pen or sticker. Plan how you will celebrate on your last day! then share your photos here.

Print if you wish to join me
Print if you wish to join me


Individual prayer intentions for church, peers, friends and family


– opportunity to serve and learn more from more mature members of the congregation
– Sunday School teaching opportunity for children (including my daughter)
– healing and wisdom for our Pastor who is suffering from an acute form of leukemia (he is currently being tested now as preparation for conventional cancer treatment– yeah the works! chemo!—)
(I know! I know!  our Pastor and his wife’s faith is much more stronger than ours.. and yes God offers grace…at the end of the day, I truly believe that God is the ultimate healer, and if God wills that our Pastor be healed, am sure that He will guide the pastor and his wife…otherwise, perhaps this is God’s way of telling us to change our ways…to let go of certain experiences so we can embrace new experiences.. )

Friends and Family with all sort of health issues and those like me just want a better health
(may they have a prayer and fasting partner and health advocate– spiritually/mentally/physically/emotionally)

– Nanay, friends M, R and another M and also myself
– my Tita Vikki (colon cancer)


– my manager to get what he wants (be it promotion, money, power, affection from family/love ones)– give it to Him Lord in overflowing ways
– my peers– give them wisdom to not fall into the trap of crab mentality/scarcity mentality– as this impacts everyone (those who are made to leave and those that will be left behind),, may they be wise enough to relax/calm down and spend more time with family (dont fall into the trap of blaming your family for  failures at work– all of us encounter different challenges in school, work and at home– and do not assume that your challenges have more bearing than the challenges they are facing)— just leave it up to God.. our family need us, our Church adn community needs us too…and most importantly I need ME too…
– our leadership team– to strategise well and make the right decisions for the company


Fasting for Climate Change

Esther summoned her people to pray and fast at the time they are threatened with massive loss and damage.. we too can fast and pray for the prevention of future loss and damage caused by climate change (not God’s will)…
also wear black on Monday – 18 November

The head of the Philippines delegation at UN climate talks in Poland has said he will stop eating until participants make “meaningful” progress.

In an emotional speech, Yeb Sano linked the “staggering” devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan to a changing climate.

Mr Sano said he was speaking on behalf of those who lost their lives in the storm and his fast would last until “we stop this madness”.

His speech brought tears to the eyes of other delegates and a standing ovation.



During his speech, Sano added an unscripted pledge to fast during the conference, until meaningful progress had been made. He said:

“In solidarity with my countrymen who are struggling to find food back home and with my brother who has not had food for the last three days, in all due respect Mr. President, and I mean no disrespect for your kind hospitality, I will now commence a voluntary fasting for the climate. This means I will voluntarily refrain from eating food during this COP until a meaningful outcome is in sight.”

Mr. President, I have the honor to speak on behalf of the resilient people of the Republic of the Philippines.

At the onset, allow me to fully associate my delegation with the statement made by the distinguished Ambassador of the Republic of Fiji, on behalf of G77 and China as well as the statement made by Nicaragua on behalf of the Like-Minded Developing Countries.

First and foremost, the people of the Philippines, and our delegation here for the United Nations Climate Change Convention’s 19th Conference of the Parties here in Warsaw, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your expression of sympathy to my country in the face of this national difficulty.

In the midst of this tragedy, the delegation of the Philippines is comforted by the warm hospitality of Poland, with your people offering us warm smiles everywhere we go. Hotel staff and people on the streets, volunteers and personnel within the National Stadium have warmly offered us kind words of sympathy. So, thank you Poland.

The arrangements you have made for this COP is also most excellent and we highly appreciate the tremendous effort you have put into the preparations for this important gathering.

We also thank all of you, friends and colleagues in this hall and from all corners of the world as you stand beside us in this difficult time. I thank all countries and governments who have extended your solidarity and for offering assistance to the Philippines. I thank the youth present here and the billions of young people around the world who stand steadfast behind my delegation and who are watching us shape their future. I thank civil society, both who are working on the ground as we race against time in the hardest hit areas, and those who are here in Warsaw prodding us to have a sense of urgency and ambition. We are deeply moved by this manifestation of human solidarity. This outpouring of support proves to us that as a human race, we can unite; that as a species, we care.

It was barely 11 months ago in Doha when my delegation appealed to the world… to open our eyes to the stark reality that we face… as then we confronted a catastrophic storm that resulted in the costliest disaster in Philippine history. Less than a year hence, we cannot imagine that a disaster much bigger would come. With an apparent cruel twist of fate, my country is being tested by this hellstorm called Super Typhoon Haiyan, which has been described by experts as the strongest typhoon that has ever made landfall in the course of recorded human history. It was so strong that if there was a Category 6, it would have fallen squarely in that box. Up to this hour, we remain uncertain as to the full extent of the devastation, as information trickles in in an agonizingly slow manner because electricity lines and communication lines have been cut off and may take a while before these are restored. The initial assessment show that Haiyan left a wake of massive devastation that is unprecedented, unthinkable and horrific, affecting 2/3 of the Philippines, with about half a million people now rendered homeless, and with scenes reminiscent of the aftermath of a tsunami, with a vast wasteland of mud and debris and dead bodies. According to satellite estimates, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also estimated that Haiyan achieved a minimum pressure between around 860 mbar (hPa; 25.34 inHg) and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center estimated Haiyan to have attained one-minute sustained winds of 315 km/h (195 mph) and gusts up to 378 km/h (235 mph) making it the strongest typhoon in modern recorded history. Despite the massive efforts that my country had exerted in preparing for the onslaught of this monster of a storm, it was just a force too powerful and even as a nation familiar with storms, Super Typhoon Haiyan was nothing we have ever experienced before, or perhaps nothing that any country has every experienced before.

The picture in the aftermath is ever so slowly coming into clearer focus. The devastation is colossal. And as if this is not enough, another storm is brewing again in the warm waters of the western Pacific. I shudder at the thought of another typhoon hitting the same places where people have not yet even managed to begin standing up.

To anyone who continues to deny the reality that is climate change, I dare you to get off your ivory tower and away from the comfort of you armchair. I dare you to go to the islands of the Pacific, the islands of the Caribbean and the islands of the Indian ocean and see the impacts of rising sea levels; to the mountainous regions of the Himalayas and the Andes to see communities confronting glacial floods, to the Arctic where communities grapple with the fast dwindling polar ice caps, to the large deltas of the Mekong, the Ganges, the Amazon, and the Nile where lives and livelihoods are drowned, to the hills of Central America that confronts similar monstrous hurricanes, to the vast savannas of Africa where climate change has likewise become a matter of life and death as food and water becomes scarce. Not to forget the massive hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern seaboard of North America. And if that is not enough, you may want to pay a visit to the Philippines right now.

The science has given us a picture that has become much more in focus. The IPCC report on climate change and extreme events underscored the risks associated with changes in the patterns as well as frequency of extreme weather events. Science tells us that simply, climate change will mean more intense tropical storms. As the Earth warms up, that would include the oceans. The energy that is stored in the waters off the Philippines will increase the intensity of typhoons and the trend we now see is that more destructive storms will be the new norm.

This will have profound implications on many of our communities, especially who struggle against the twin challenges of the development crisis and the climate change crisis. Typhoons such as Yolanda (Haiyan) and its impacts represent a sobering reminder to the international community that we cannot afford to procrastinate on climate action. Warsaw must deliver on enhancing ambition and should muster the political will to address climate change.

In Doha, we asked “If not us then who? If not now, then when? If not here, then where?” (borrowed from Philippine student leader Ditto Sarmiento during Martial Law). It may have fell on deaf ears. But here in Warsaw, we may very well ask these same forthright questions. “If not us, then who? If not now, then when? If not here in Warsaw, where?”

What my country is going through as a result of this extreme climate event is madness. The climate crisis is madness.

We can stop this madness. Right here in Warsaw.

It is the 19th COP, but we might as well stop counting, because my country refuses to accept that a COP30 or a COP40 will be needed to solve climate change. And because it seems that despite the significant gains we have had since the UNFCCC was born, 20 years hence we continue to fail in fulfilling the ultimate objective of the Convention.  Now, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to ask ourselves – can we ever attain the objective set out in Article 2 – which is to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system? By failing to meet the objective the Convention, we may have ratified the doom of vulnerable countries.

And if we have failed to meet the objective of the Convention, we have to confront the issue of loss and damage. Loss and damage from climate change is a reality today across the world. Developed country emissions reductions targets are dangerously low and must be raised immediately, but even if they were in line with the demand of reducing 40-50% below 1990 levels, we would still have locked-in climate change and would still need to address the issue of loss and damage.

We find ourselves at a critical juncture and the situation is such that even the most ambitious emissions reductions by developed countries, who should have been taking the lead in combatting climate change in the past 2 decades, will not be enough to avert the crisis. It is now too late, too late to talk about the world being able to rely on Annex I countries to solve the climate crisis. We have entered a new era that demands global solidarity in order to fight climate change and ensure that pursuit of sustainable human development remains at the fore of the global community’s efforts. This is why means of implementation for developing countries is ever more crucial.

It was the Secretary general of the UN Conference on Environment and Development, Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, 1992, Maurice Strong who said that “History reminds us that what is not possible today, may be inevitable tomorrow.”

We cannot sit and stay helpless staring at this international climate stalemate. It is now time to take action. We need an emergency climate pathway.

I speak for my delegation. But more than that, I speak for the countless people who will no longer be able to speak for themselves after perishing from the storm. I also speak for those who have been orphaned by this tragedy. I also speak for the people now racing against time to save survivors and alleviate the suffering of the people affected by the disaster.

We can take drastic action now to ensure that we prevent a future where super typhoons are a way of life. Because we refuse, as a nation, to accept a future where super typhoons like Haiyan become a fact of life. We refuse to accept that running away from storms, evacuating our families, suffering the devastation and misery, having to count our dead, become a way of life. We simply refuse to.

We must stop calling events like these as natural disasters. It is not natural when people continue to struggle to eradicate poverty and pursue development and gets battered by the onslaught of a monster storm now considered as the strongest storm ever to hit land. It is not natural when science already tells us that global warming will induce more intense storms. It is not natural when the human species has already profoundly changed the climate.

Disasters are never natural. They are the intersection of factors other than physical. They are the accumulation of the constant breach of economic, social, and environmental thresholds. Most of the time disasters is a result of inequity and the poorest people of the world are at greatest risk because of their vulnerability and decades of maldevelopment, which I must assert is connected to the kind of pursuit of economic growth that dominates the world; the same kind of pursuit of so-called economic growth and unsustainable consumption that has altered the climate system.

Now, if you will allow me, to speak on a more personal note.

Super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in my family’s hometown and the devastation is staggering. I struggle to find words even for the images that we see from the news coverage. I struggle to find words to describe how I feel about the losses and damages we have suffered from this cataclysm.

Up to this hour, I agonize while waiting for word as to the fate of my very own relatives. What gives me renewed strength and great relief was when my brother succeeded in communicating with us that he has survived the onslaught. In the last two days, he has been gathering bodies of the dead with his own two hands. He is hungry and weary as food supplies find it difficult to arrive in the hardest hit areas.

We call on this COP to pursue work until the most meaningful outcome is in sight. Until concrete pledges have been made to ensure mobilization of resources for the Green Climate Fund. Until the promise of the establishment of a loss and damage mechanism has been fulfilled; until there is assurance on finance for adaptation; until concrete pathways for reaching the committed 100 billion dollars have been made; until we see real ambition on stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations. We must put the money where our mouths are.

This process under the UNFCCC has been called many names. It has been called a farce. It has been called an annual carbon-intensive gathering of useless frequent flyers. It has been called many names. But it has also been called the Project to save the planet. It has been called “saving tomorrow today”. We can fix this. We can stop this madness. Right now. Right here, in the middle of this football field.

I call on you to lead us. And let Poland be forever known as the place we truly cared to stop this madness. Can humanity rise to the occasion? I still believe we can.


Pure Henna Results

I didnt follow my plan to a T, i used pure henna instead
300 gms pure henna
8oz lemon juice
8 oz water
16 oz orange juice
2 tbsp molasses (just to help it stick to my hair and also for some nutrients)

Here is the result, the next morning:
– with light my black hair remained black with red shimmer on it


While the grey hair on my fringe turned auburn, as expected


I used the same mix for my mother and father.. Results on white hair is this


After rinsing and drying for 2 hours, I added indigo, which resulted to black


Henna for Black Hair with 10-80% grey

My hair is Type 2C Wavy and thick (Fii– meaning if I tie my hair into 1 pony tail it will be about 4 inches in diameter)…it is quite long (tips reaches just below my breast– near the liver area…so without lighting it looks drab and almost scary looking.. I hope to add shine and highlights aside from covering the grey on my fringe.

More photos of my hair before henna
With lighting

Top view with lighting

Roots of my fringe (lots of grey)

My hair color is black with about 10% grey.. see# 5 below

My hair is similar to #5 (black with 10% grey). My mother's hair is similar to #6 (black with 80% grey)
My hair is similar to #5 (black with 10% grey). My mother’s hair is similar to #6 (black with 80% grey)

If I apply pure BAQ (body art quality) Henna, it will turn out like the below #5

If we will apply the same type of BAQ Henna, my hair will turn out like #5 and my mother's will turn out like #6.
If we will apply the same type of BAQ Henna, my hair will turn out like #5 and my mother’s will turn out like #6 (so I will add Indigo to her henna mix).

I am going to follow this procedure to apply Henna on my Hair this coming Friday…

For more information, click here:

For Light BRown highlights effect (Grey will turn light brown- while my black hair would be warm black?)
Ratio is 2/3 Henna to 1/3 Indigo
• Mix henna with lemon juice, grapefruit juice, rainwater, or other mildly acidic liquid, and let it sit
for 12 hours at 75F or 24 C. Add enough liquid to make a paste about the consistency of stirred up
•Mix indigo with warm water and let it sit for 1 minute. Mix them together. The more indigo you
add, the darker the brown. The more henna you add, the redder the brown.
• Section your hair, and apply the paste to your scalp, and gradually work it into all of your hair.
Wear plastic gloves, because the paste will stain your hands. Carefully wipe the paste away from
forehead and ears, because it will stain skin.
• Wrap your hair in plastic, and wrap a towel around that to reduce mess, and increase warmth.
• Leave the paste in your hair for 1 to 5 hours. If you put a dryer bonnet on over your wrapped hair,
and heat it, you’ll get more stain faster.
• Rinse the paste out.
• The stain will darken over the next 2 days. If there’s a slight green cast, that will go away in 1 day.

I saw this on flickr.. it seems we have the same natural hair color (black) but hers is about 50-80% grey mine is only about 10%

Pre Henna 2012

and this is how it turned out after she hennaed her hair (pure Henana no Cassia no Indigo):

Post Henna - Day 3 - Final color

My mother also have 80% grey on her black hair, but she prefers dark brown– rather than black with red highlights so I will add indigo onto her henna mix.

You may think.. what does Henna have to do with Fasting and Cleansing? well aside from vanity (covering my grey hair) .. there are also some health benefits..not that i have headlice, ringworm or dandruff though.

From http://www.hennaforhair.com/health/index.html:

    Henna has been traditionally used as a safe and effective effective cure for head lice, dandruff and ringworm, remedy, but may not appropriate for everyone.
    Henna has been demonstrated to be an effective analgesic for hand/foot syndrome from chemotherapy, and appears to be a safe and effective remedy, but is currently being clinically tested, so verification and FDA approval have not yet been granted.
    Henna has been traditionally used to treat fingernail and toenail fungus, and appears to be a safe and effective remedy.
    Many people find that henna can be therapeutic when used on palms and soles before dancing and drumming.
    Though henna tea has been traditionally used as a therapeutic for stomach upset, it is NOT safe and effective to do so.

Third OJ Fast: Day 8 – 9

The last 3 days (Day 7-9) was not one of my best days…perhaps the 7 day cycle is true…
– pain on my back and right rib cage which can either be due to my scoliosis, gall bladder stones, liver stones or liver inflammation due to leftover mercury
– so I addressed it by getting chiropractic adjustments today (I will get adjusted again on the 19th)
– am also gearing up for another liver flush this weekend (MH actually recommended 5 liver flushes spaced a week apart– I think I may not be able to do that.. I will perhaps do 4 flushes, 2 weeks apart)
– the extended OJ fast should help with the liver inflammation…

After the chiro adjustment, I ordered freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.. delicious! Then bought a bottle of lou han guo tea for my tonsilitis…

For some reason I am secretly wishing for a fever to heal the tonsilitis.. as I always feel my tonsils are always swollen, it just doesnt become a full blown tonsilitis. My Chiro told me that the adjustments should clear the tonsilitis too… but he said my neck is too tensed to be adjusted today.. so he did my back first.. and will do the neck next week.


God’s purpose for giving us fruits and herbs for sustenance and healing

is not about glorifying raw foodists or fruitarians or vegetarians… not even the process or protocol we are following… while God’s creation is to be marveled at His creation SHOULD NOT be worshiped…

God’s purpose for giving us fruits for sustenance and herbs for healing is so that we would know that He is the Messiah, to show the He had authorithy on the earth, , its about the why, its about the amplification of His message above His signs (John 6:26) and above His creation..

quote MH:



Is it no wonder why raw foodies become suddenly spiritual? Is it probably because they are eating by Gods design, by what was available at the garden of eden… Even if they are physically healthy already they still yearn for a spiritual connection with something or someone above themselves…. I just hope that they find God instead of worshipping raw food or nature. Cause God is above it all… Some of them even make raw eating something like the ten commandments, it becomes a law which makes it even harder to follow, and i hope that for us who finds it hard to follow, we see God’s grace, cause He knew that we will fail if our only motivAtion is to be obedient to the law, missing the point that God asked us to eat by His design because He loves us, He knows it is good for us and if we just give Him a chance to prove it to us, we will enjoy eating this way and by then it will no longer be a burden or a chore…and we will never ever have to second guess our decision (is it a fad? was I misled by a fad?– will this make me fat? )– those questions will no longer be on your head.. cause you know this is what God intended for us to do and to eat… we have moved so far away from His design that we almost feel abnormal doing what we are supposed to do from the beginning– which is eat fruits for sustenance and herbs (which includes some of the plants we call veggies)… for healing.

Junk food is addictive, that is what many (even Christians) fail to see, if you are addicted to food, you are no different from a drug addict, you probably have no intention to hurt others but you unknowingly hurt or punish yourself and then indirectly hurting others…

Quote from:

The salt, fat and crunch of junk food, offer emotions of fulfillment that is lacking because of a spiritual vacuum. Tangible potato chips, replacing an intangible God. Emotional emptiness is the source of addiction. Dependency on pleasure to temporarily numb feelings of hopelessness.

Fasting is admonished as a way to see how we stand with God, it helps us to see our own weaknesses ( specially food) and also helps us to see our unknown sins that helds us prisoner within our own self denial and the fear of being exposed if we acknowlege our own sins. We actually dont have to expose ourselves, we can confess to God and ask for His forgiveness and if we think that our faith is not enough, pray that God will increase our faith…