21 days of True OJ fasting – eating 1 meal a day starting Day 22

Epsom Salt Foot soak (not just for the magnesium but also sulfate transdermal absorption)
Well first of all, I celebrated my Day 21 by doing mini – diy spa treatments.

– epsom salt foot soak followed by an olive oil foot wrap
– my facial oil cleansing

I must admit its really hard to do the true OJ fast (nothing but OJ) while working. There is so much distraction and temptations.

So, from Day 22 started eating 1 meal at night, which MH also suggests for those who are doing the 40 day OJ fast who have a day job. So, whats the result when I started eating 1 meal a day? I started feeling that dull ache on the liver area again. Which was relieved by chiropractic adjustments and also the epsom salt foot soak.

plus Orange Juice and other juice blends

I am also doing another Liver Flush this coming Friday- Day 26 (I will start Friday afternoon)= as I do not want to miss Sunday worship service …

Thats why am doing another liver flush (this will be my second flush of a series of 5 flushes -2 weeks apart — for 2013). This is to address the ache/pain on my liver area, which I believe is due to inflammation/gall bladder stones.

Read this curezone thread to understand why I think juice fasting, 1 meal a day (to build up the bile), and then doing a series of liver flush makes sense to me:

In between my fasting and flushing, I will try to be as close to the 80/10/10 diet only with the addition of plant fats (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil or nuts) and also herbs.

I will also be adding the following juice blends in the next 21 days

Basic Blend (as the foundational part of all the other blends)

Base Juice
Fresh Coconut
Fresh Soy Bean
Fresh Almond Milk
Black Molasses
Baked Sesame
Raw Ginger

Brain Restoring Blend

Fatty Acids
Flaxseed Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil

Fiber / Other Nutrients
Green Apple
Raw Carrot
Fresh Mango

Blood Replenishment Blend

Black Grapes
Black Berries
Black Bean (raw & sprouted overnight)
Black / Red Dates (raw & sprouted overnight)
Raw Spinach

Digestive Aiding Blend

Lemon (skinned)
Lime (skinned)
Oranges (skinned) – of course ! its a staple

Green Apple
Pineapple (including the core)

I also just want to share my daughter’s notes for last Sunday’s sermon.. This is precisely the reason why, I do not believe in faith healers or faith healing per se…
The healing miracles performed during Biblical times were performed by God himself or men specifically chosen to spread God’s message of salvation. But healing itself is not the sole focus of those miracles.. it was the actual message. So, yeah I do believe in God’s saving grace (as it relates to sin) and that still God works in our midst so that we will heal.. but we can never escape the consequences of breaking the natural law.. and God allows us to suffer through those consequences but He also allows and lets us know the way out (not through miracle healing anymore though).