Henna for Black Hair with 10-80% grey

My hair is Type 2C Wavy and thick (Fii– meaning if I tie my hair into 1 pony tail it will be about 4 inches in diameter)…it is quite long (tips reaches just below my breast– near the liver area…so without lighting it looks drab and almost scary looking.. I hope to add shine and highlights aside from covering the grey on my fringe.

More photos of my hair before henna
With lighting

Top view with lighting

Roots of my fringe (lots of grey)

My hair color is black with about 10% grey.. see# 5 below

My hair is similar to #5 (black with 10% grey). My mother's hair is similar to #6 (black with 80% grey)
My hair is similar to #5 (black with 10% grey). My mother’s hair is similar to #6 (black with 80% grey)

If I apply pure BAQ (body art quality) Henna, it will turn out like the below #5

If we will apply the same type of BAQ Henna, my hair will turn out like #5 and my mother's will turn out like #6.
If we will apply the same type of BAQ Henna, my hair will turn out like #5 and my mother’s will turn out like #6 (so I will add Indigo to her henna mix).

I am going to follow this procedure to apply Henna on my Hair this coming Friday…

For more information, click here:

For Light BRown highlights effect (Grey will turn light brown- while my black hair would be warm black?)
Ratio is 2/3 Henna to 1/3 Indigo
• Mix henna with lemon juice, grapefruit juice, rainwater, or other mildly acidic liquid, and let it sit
for 12 hours at 75F or 24 C. Add enough liquid to make a paste about the consistency of stirred up
•Mix indigo with warm water and let it sit for 1 minute. Mix them together. The more indigo you
add, the darker the brown. The more henna you add, the redder the brown.
• Section your hair, and apply the paste to your scalp, and gradually work it into all of your hair.
Wear plastic gloves, because the paste will stain your hands. Carefully wipe the paste away from
forehead and ears, because it will stain skin.
• Wrap your hair in plastic, and wrap a towel around that to reduce mess, and increase warmth.
• Leave the paste in your hair for 1 to 5 hours. If you put a dryer bonnet on over your wrapped hair,
and heat it, you’ll get more stain faster.
• Rinse the paste out.
• The stain will darken over the next 2 days. If there’s a slight green cast, that will go away in 1 day.

I saw this on flickr.. it seems we have the same natural hair color (black) but hers is about 50-80% grey mine is only about 10%

Pre Henna 2012

and this is how it turned out after she hennaed her hair (pure Henana no Cassia no Indigo):

Post Henna - Day 3 - Final color

My mother also have 80% grey on her black hair, but she prefers dark brown– rather than black with red highlights so I will add indigo onto her henna mix.

You may think.. what does Henna have to do with Fasting and Cleansing? well aside from vanity (covering my grey hair) .. there are also some health benefits..not that i have headlice, ringworm or dandruff though.

From http://www.hennaforhair.com/health/index.html:

    Henna has been traditionally used as a safe and effective effective cure for head lice, dandruff and ringworm, remedy, but may not appropriate for everyone.
    Henna has been demonstrated to be an effective analgesic for hand/foot syndrome from chemotherapy, and appears to be a safe and effective remedy, but is currently being clinically tested, so verification and FDA approval have not yet been granted.
    Henna has been traditionally used to treat fingernail and toenail fungus, and appears to be a safe and effective remedy.
    Many people find that henna can be therapeutic when used on palms and soles before dancing and drumming.
    Though henna tea has been traditionally used as a therapeutic for stomach upset, it is NOT safe and effective to do so.