aDRENAL fATIGUE Causes Belly Fat

What to do:
1. stop drinking coffee
2. sleep by 10pm (we burn fat during deep sleep)– and we can only achieve that if we are in bed by 9pm without TV, computer or phones around our body (reading books is good-reading Bible even better)
3. brisk walking in nature
4. eat for nutrition (natural nutrition) specially foods rich in potassium (7 cups of greens in a day or 12 bananas)–12 bananas thats easy!!!–btw Moringa is rich in potassium.. so my Moringa-Banana smoothie is just great!
5. be empowered (the doctors wont do that for you_)\

6. drink only when you are thirsty (prevent flushing your electrolytes)– water rich foods can better hydrate you
7. you need calcium/magnesium (not synthetic calcium/magnesium) at night to relax you– take plant based minerals


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